Friday, 21 September 2007

Castle Cupcake Tutorial

from the amazing Zalita. You can see the finished Castle cupcake here:

You will need 1 thick rectangular base for the castle no1, 2 rectangular flat pcs with little slits (2&3) on the top and markings for the windows, a long rolled out 'log' to which u will then cut out to make (4,6,&8) , 2 thin strips with small slits on the top to make (5&7), and a little triangular pc for the roof (9). i have forgotten to add a number by the door which u will stick last onto the front of the castle.once u have cut out these pcs stick onto the base no's 2 and 3, it will over lap a little on the top.wrap no 5 around 4 and do the same with no 6 and 7 and stick onto the side of the castle base with some edible glue.stick no's 8 and 9 and place on top of the castle.lastly add the door.i added a touch of grey to my fondant and i brushed it with pearl and soft rose pink. u can choose your own colours and adapt it to your own specifications.